Our Mission

Adopt A Family is an integral part of the circle of protection for struggling families in our community. Our mission and actions are focused on increasing the stability of individual families. Our larger goal is to increase our capacity to develop and follow best practices to prevent homelessness in the County.

Adopt A Family provides subsidies for rental assistance, security deposits, utility payments, food and auto repair. By providing basic assistance to families, we help prevent the dangerous slide into homelessness for many families who would otherwise be without help. We take immediate actions to help families stabilize their lives. We work with parents to develop goals, make action plans and follow through toward a better life.

Adopt A Family has put our arms around families since 1989. The keys are short-term financial assistance, comprehensive assessment, kind intervention and appropriate follow-up. Our method is effective, compassionate and successful.

What People are saying

As a single father, Adopt A Family of Marin has been there for my son and me in a very desperate time. Not only that, but they responded faster than any other agency in Marin. They provided excellent referrals for employment and childcare resources, and had my son and me feeling more secure and cared for. Thank you.
— Jon and Aiden
Adopt A Family reached out and found some resources for me and helped me. The relationship I have with Imelda is more than just a case worker. My dream right now is to get my kids empowered. I’m not giving up. I’m going to figure it out.
— Tenysha Adams
After we received short notice that the affordable home we had been renting for the past 8 years was being sold, we scrambled to join the extremely competitive and expensive Marin rental market. We were days away from being homeless, however Adopt A Family stepped in and assisted us with the much needed deposit to secure a new residence.
— James, Liza, and Olivia
Adopt A Family has been a tremendous blessing to our family. Adopt A Family was able to assist me with financial aid to come up with rent. We are learning from Adopt A Family how to be helpful and work with people. Ity feels good.
— Edwin Hernandez